Posted by: apscott | May 15, 2008

Fuel, Coconuts, and Algae?

Green Business practice has come a long way in the past decade. Cars can be driven through the byproducts of french fries. Bio fuels can sustain as alternative source for many automated items. Sustainability is key in developing alternative energy sources as the cost of gas and the damage to the environment has hit depressingly high levels.

Gas prices are affecting everyone, but the surges in oil prices have had a particularly adverse effect on the airline industry. With jet kerosene rising over $150 a barrel, there is no getting around this cost of transportation.

However, innovation and entrepreneurship have joined hands to find alternative sources for airline fuel. One of my favorite entrepreneurs, Sir Richard Branson, has suggested a number of options. From the title, you might be able to guess that coconut oil and algae were presented as viable sources for bio-fuel. However, it seems that the environmental implications might be equally severe as vast amounts of these resources would be necessary for any feasibility to occur.

Any real solutions are in the future. How far in the future is the question which will decide the well being of our environment and the sustainability of key industries like airline transportation. Regardless, keep your eye out for airline energy sources to make a splash on the markets as oil continues to pose more and more problems.



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