Posted by: apscott | May 19, 2008

Venturing into the Wild Green Yonder

Wall Street always looks greener on the other side. That is, if there was a fence between today and tomorrow.

Venture Capitalism, a profession/hobby I hope to embark upon one day, has come to save the future. Investors like Vinod Khosla, David Blood, and even Al Gore have started placing bids on entrepreneurship in the environment.

Green Capital Investment has become the fastest and most powerful strain of the business world. As oil and food prices skyrocket, opportunities for innovation within environmental enterprise are seemingly endless. Cars, alternative fuels, batteries, emissions, among other industries have shown unlimited space for growth.

The day to day structure of an investor’s life is about to change. Investment in the environment is the next great find in the marketplace, and avoiding it would be like avoiding the tech boom in the 90’s (though smarter capital management can prevent the bubble burst…). The double entendre that is “going green” (good for the wallet and the earth…) has manifested itself in modern financial practice.

Moral Capitalism supports corporate investment – where it is profitable and justifiable for reasons other than the dollar’s benefit. Green Investment will make people rich, but most importantly it will sustain the future of our lives, and our children’s’ lives.

In a more urgent realization, green investment may be the one industry that holds promise for our economy. Housing, Retail, Commercial, and Bank investment have shown failures in stabilizing our economy. Green investment, as a matter of necessity shows only grave promise.

Guess what: GREEN INVESTMENT IS THE NEXT BIG THING. No doubt. If you don’t believe it, read these links and think again.



  1. You are very right. Green investing is not only big now, but promises to get much bigger yet.

    I’ve been following green investing for many, many years, and have a site that might interest you and some readers. It covers the latest global green and ethical investing news and research. It’s at

    Good luck and best wishes, Ron Robins

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