Posted by: apscott | June 16, 2008

No really, Algae

Back in May, I created a post called Fuel, Coconuts, and Algae? What is interesting is how much hype the thought of Algae as a viable biofuel has gotten.

Just earlier this week, the Journal came out with its third blog on Algae biofuel since my post.  This could be the real thing – or at least people are starting to talk about it and that is half the battle.  Once people get used to the idea of biofuels instead of traditional fuels, the choice will become a no brainer.

Oh yeah, and the great thing about algae is that it is mutually exclusive from food prices:

A quote from the latest entry on the subject, “Vegetable oil from single-celled algae has shown some promise as a source of renewable, alternative fuel. Several companies are pursuing growing it in lined pits or plastic tubes. Solazyme uses steel tanks and a microbial fermentation to get algae into the mood to reproduce and create oil.”

Keep your eyes peeled, because this topic is about is explode in popularity and hype.



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