African Enterprise

Governments, NGO’s, and IO’s all have a distinct role in trying to develop impoverished areas.  However, they all have a distinct motive for doing so as well, rendering their efforts ineffective.  Unfortunately, development occurs more rapidly in areas with more to offer.  Therefore, some regions are deemed “unworthy” of development efforts. Where the World Bank and IMF tend to falter, corporations could stand to benefit substantially from expanding into under-developed nations. 

Areas like Sub-Saharan Africa hold significant human capital resources, and an abundance of entrepreneurship. Whereas other regions may have oil or commercial goods as an incentive to develop, the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in this area remains unused.  Moral Capitalism aims to tap into these valuable resources to create sustainable development Africa.

Below are some resources which share innovative ideas on how corporate enterprise can help shape the development of Africa’s most impoverished regions:


  • A provocative paper on Uganda and the ideals of a Legitimate Democracy written by Mwenda for the CATO Institute.


  •  Check out Africa Unchained as it provides detailed research and alternative solutions to the crisis in Africa.





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